The Fake Balls Prank (Viral Video)

We all know that we as a nation, most of us are becoming more accepting of transgender people. What once were seen as a group of people with serious mental illnesses, we now accept it as being their lifestyle choice. Hey, each to their own. However, it has to be said, they can still freak people out!

Woman on beach

This was shown in the latest hilarious video which has taken the internet by storm. In what has become known as the ‘fake balls prank’, a hot woman is lay on her front on the beach and asks various men to run sun tan lotion into her back.

However, the guys get more than they bargained for when she turns over so they can rub lotion on her stomach. The actress has a huge fake penis located in her skimpy bikini bottoms.

At the start of the video, Ingrid Ohara, a regular on a Brazilian practical jokes programme, tells us with a naughty smile on her face “Today, I’ll pretend I have…a dong” before making herself comfortable under the sun in a tight-fitting bikini.

Her first victim is amazed when this hot young lady asks him to rub lotion into her. However, it doesn’t take him long to dive right in as he takes a look all over her body.

It is at this point that she turns over and he asks, “what’s this?”, to which she replies, “my balls”.

A second stops for a second but spots her ‘crotch’ straight away and exclaims  “It’s a d***, bye bye.”

A Good Sign

I have to say, I thought it was hilarious. It would be silly to say that there weren’t people who thought that if you have a penis, then you are a guy. It is an understandable viewpoint (even if I don’t agree with it myself), but what strikes me as interesting is the good level of humour the guys seem to have about it.

Now there are some militants online who are saying they are being bigoted by not carrying on with the massage, but I don’t see it like that. The guys grin, acknowledge it isn’t their scene and move on. That for me is real acceptance. Not everyone has to want to rub lotion into a transexual (life is about personal choice), but it is nice to live in a world where they aren’t running into the sea to wash their hands, or even worse. For me, that shows real progression in society

We hope you enjoy the video. It really is one of the sensations of the year so far!

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