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Dealing With Common Penis Problems

We might all hope that everything runs smoothly in the bedroom, but that isn’t always the case. We might have to deal with a number of difficult penis problems, and every single one of them can ruin our self confidence. They make us feel as though we just aren’t good enough in bed and that, no matter what we do, we can’t satisfy our partner. It makes us feel awful, but there are actually ways that you can deal with these problems to make things better for you in the bedroom. Continue reading Dealing With Common Penis Problems

The Proper Preparation For Oral Sex

Oral sex is pretty much a favourite thing for every man out there to enjoy. There is nothing hotter than seeing your sexy partner sink to their knees, sliding your cock out of your pants and taking it into their mouth to suck on it. The feeling of their mouth tightening around you, and the way their head bobs up and down your length means that it takes a great deal of willpower to resist the urge to blow your load right then and there. Continue reading The Proper Preparation For Oral Sex