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John Whittingdale And The Sex Work Stigma

Recently, it has been uncovered that Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has had a relationship with an escort. Shock horror, people spend time with sex workers. This news has really divided the country, with many people, including Labour party members, calling for him to step away from any decisions involving press regulation, and a few believe he should step down completely. Why? Well, it is all to do with the sex work stigma and the fact that this news could have influenced him in some way. Continue reading John Whittingdale And The Sex Work Stigma

MPs Wife Shares Sexy Selfies!

There are many different ways to get someone interested in politics. You could talk to them about a topic that interests them, and how your political party might help with that. You could even introduce them to some of the revolutionary things your party can do for the country. Or, if you are a councillor and wife of an MP, you could simply share sexy snaps of yourself on Twitter. Continue reading MPs Wife Shares Sexy Selfies!