Strip Club Killing – Is The Location Relevant?

I have to say, the shaming of the sex industry knows no bounds. You would think I wouldn’t be surprised by now, but nope, there is always something that manages to shock me.

Totties strip club sign

Only last week, there was a murder in Altrincham, near Manchester. Though we are not yet sure of the exact details, it does seem like ten people ended up in a big fight, and someone definitely ended up dead. It really is a sad story, especially due to the proximity to Christmas.

Time of Sorrow, Not Joy

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Rumney said: “This is such a tragic situation, made even more devastating by the fact it is days before Christmas and what should be a happy time turned into violence.

“My thoughts are with the man’s family and our specially trained officers are supporting them through this difficult time.

“We are appealing for anyone who saw the fighting or has any information to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

“Someone out there knows who did this, and I want to be able to give the man’s family the answers they deserve.”

Well, since those comments were made, two men have been arrested and charged. Further details of the case will obviously emerge over the next few months.

However, it was the obsession in the press that the incident took place outside a strip club that has really pissed me off.

This all happened late at night outside ‘Totties’, a popular establishment in the area. The press, in all their wisdom latched onto that like a limpet.

As soon as you mention that this happened outside a ‘strip club’, then it creates an idea that this is even more sordid than it already is. For me, that is deliberate.

Before anyone accused me of just having a subconscious dislike for strip clubs, ask yourself this. If this had happened outside a shop, or a pub, would the type of establishment have been mentioned? Or would it have been ‘man murdered in city centre brawl’? ‘Man murdered outside strip club’ sounds much juicier, doesn’t it?

Think About Those Affected

It is the guy’s family I feel sorry for. I feel like their recently deceased relative is being called sleazy when he isn’t in a position to defend himself. What was Christmas night out by a good person has been turned into ‘sleazeballs have a fight, one sleazeball dies.

I saw the same thing last week with the murder of Georgia Symonds and the conviction of her partner for the crime. Though the details were sordid enough, the press obsessed on the fact that she was an escort. It is like it made her an extra bad, manipulative person. If she had been a call centre worker, would it have been seen as relevant enough to put in a headline and all over the article? I think not.

I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of the press framing everything in the sex industry through a negative prism. This has a devastating affect on those who are in it, or who have suffered hardship because of unrelated issues, but are viewed poorly because they had links to it. This goes for users, providers, anybody.

The press really do need to grow up. That is my New Year’s wish.

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