Raheem Sterling Branded ‘Cheapskate’ By Escort After Arguing Over Fee

Footballer Raheem Sterling has been accused if being a ‘cheapskate’ by an escort with whom he rowed over a $4,000 (£3,000) a night fee.

Money in envelope on bed!

It is alleged that The £49million England winger, 22, saw the Kim Kardashian lookalike in Los Angeles last month whilst he was on a pre-season tour of America with his club side, Manchester City.

Sterling is said to have argued with the young lady, and eventually only paid half her stipulated fee.

WhatsApp messaged between the pair show they agreed to meet on July 21st.

Strong Words

She said: “Raheem seemed very arrogant and he had little personality.

She said: “Raheem may be a millionaire but he is a rude cheapskate. He seemed to assume that he would be able to just sleep with me and not pay.
“Considering how much he earns that’s pretty cheap.”

She went on to attack Sterling’s character.

“He is obviously used to treating women this way. He needs to change his attitude.”

She said: “Raheem had texted me a hotel room number that did not exist, so I was there waiting for him to show up. I was very close to leaving. Finally he arrived and we went to his room.

“It was not particularly big and his suitcases were strewn all over the floor. You could tell he wasn’t staying for long.

“Raheem seemed drunk and his breath smelled of alcohol. He was upset with me for not meeting him earlier and was not very talkative.

“So I made the first move and we started messing around.”

It is then that things started to go really wrong.

She demanded $4,000 (£3,000) but he insisted he was only going to pay $2,000 (£1,500).

She said they argued before falling asleep in his suite.

The next morning Sterling headed off to an LA pool party without paying her.

She said: “Raheem complained he needed to go to a cash machine.

“But he said he also needed to buy some clothes for the pool party and he’d be going straight there. He said he would leave the money in an envelope behind reception at the hotel.”

However, he never actually did it, which antagonised her greatly.

Sterling apologetically messaged her later and said: “I was so drunk yesterday. That’s why I forgot.”

She then replied: “I need you to put the money in the front today.”

She added: “And please put the total of the 4k we spoke about.”

An unhappy Sterling responded saying: “I told u 2k.”

She came back at him: “I didn’t agree on 2k we need to meet in the middle plus u make me wait.”

A fixer at Manchester City ended up dropping off the cash in an envelope, although there is no evidence he knew what was in the envelope, or what it was for.

After the girl got the money she messaged Sterling to thank him but said: “I wanted more.”

She told The Sun on Sunday: “I was not happy as he only paid me half of what we agreed. I thought that would be the last I would hear from him. But he continued to text me. I didn’t really want any more to do with him.”

However, it seems that Sterling still messaged her, explaining that he acted like an idiot when drunk.

An Important Message

Well, this does go to show two things. Firstly, sex workers should always ask for cash in advance when it comes to meeting clients. You never know who is going to rip you off.

Secondly, it shows that no matter how rich someone is, they can always be cheap bastard. It seems that Raheem Sterling is one of that number.

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