Why You Should See an Escort on Valentine’s Day

So it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you are single. Your Facebook is full of ‘happy’ couples sharing their love, whilst you are on your own getting miserable and horny.

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So what should you do? Well, instead of going out in an attempt to pull, here at Escort Scotland we think you should consider seeing an escort. Why you may ask? Well here are some of the reasons.

1) Most People Out Will Be Couples

Let’s face it, every bar and restaurant will be infested by luvvy-duvvy couples. Everywhere you look they will be staring into each others eyes whist you get more and more irritated. You search round and see what may be a single girl, and then her fella comes back from the toilet.


Seriously, it sucks. I know, I have been there.

2) It Will be Full of Desperate Men

Yes there will be singles out, but most will be men. All will be looking for action, all will be desperate and surly. This often ends up in things becoming ‘Fight Club’ so seriously, give it a miss.


3) Any Girl Out Will Feel The Desperation

Whether they are out because they are single, or just so happened to go out on Valentine’s Day, they will certainly sense your desperation, and that of other men. This means they are likely to steer well clear of you, as they do to every desperado on any other night out.


4) You May Not Get Any Action Even if You Pull

OK, ignore everything I have said so far. You meet a single girl, you get on, you kiss. However, at this point she sends you packing (as is her right). You then go home even more frustrated than when you ventured out. Sometimes it is the hope that kills you.


The best thing to do then is to meet up with an escort. You are guaranteed action, you get the hottest women around, and you can avoid the couples and desperate idiots you will find on a night out on Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, it is a no-brainer.

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