Scotland Set to Legalise Gay Marriage

Here at Escort Scotland, we have always been a supporter of gay marriage. That isn’t because we want to ‘destroy the institution of marriage’, or because we ‘don’t care about the traditional family unit’, as is stated by many anti-gay marriage campaigners. It is solely because we believe that the right to marriage should be available to everyone, regardless of their lifestyle.

This is why we feel it is good news that the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood seems set to vote in favour of same-sex marriage. 86 of the 127 politicians there stated they would vote for the bill. Ten were undecided, and 20 will vote against it.

What makes this case even more interesting is that a massive public consultation revealed that two thirds of respondents were against the plans, leading to complaints that the bill is being passed against public opinion.

OK, this is an interesting one. It does seem a bit strange that a government consults with the public, then totally disregards what they have to say. If you are just going to do what you want anyway, why waste the expense of asking Joe Public?

Two gay men after wedding ceremony

Now in reality, we all know that it is only the militant who get involved in these kind of debates. The very pro and the very anti. In most things, there are people in the middle who really don’t mind. In the gay marriage debate, most won’t mind it, and will have a ‘let them, they are not doing me any harm’ mentality. This does not mean they want to go on marches wearing full rainbow attire, nor do they feel the need to message their MSP expressing their support.

Neither One Road, Nor the Other

The boob the government has made is trying to take a middle road which has led to this accusation of disregarding voters views. In reality they should have either taken the vote themselves as the UK parliament did, or offered it out to the public in the form of a referendum, as the Irish will in 2015.

In the end, we have to support the MSP’s who will vote for same sex marriage. They are bringing a real sense of equality to a much loved national institution. There are many gay couples out there who want to express their love by having that eternal bond with their partner.

And if they are doing no harm, why should society stop them?

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