Seven Reasons Brothels Should Be Legalised

When it comes to discussing the future of the sex industry, how brothels fit into it is always a matter of debate. To some they are ‘dens of filth’ and the police should be closing them down. To others, they are a place where sex workers can work safely. But where does the truth lie? Well today we are going to take a look at the benefits of brothels you may not read about in the mainstream media.

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We are obviously aware that the laws on brothels vary from country to country, as are how those laws are enforced. This can even vary from area to area, with different forces having different policies. But it is fair to say that there are many benefits for the girls, mostly regarding security.

1) Sex Workers Can Work Together

When the law says that girls can’t work together, they are forced to work alone (yes, that sounded obvious when I wrote it). This leaves them at the mercy of those who would hurt them. When others on the premises, it makes it safer as the others can help to prevent an attack, and also call the police. In fact, the reality that there are others there will make most attackers decide the risk isn’t worth it.

2) They Can Get Security

Though never having used a sex worker myself, I have actually been in plenty of brothels with my friends back in the day. Most had huge security guys on the door, which once again was enough to make anyone who wanted to take the piss think again. This leaves the girls less vulnerable.

3) Their Health Can Be Monitored

We all know that when we see sex workers on the streets many look ravaged by drugs or drink. That doesn’t mean to say all are, but a high proportion suffer from substance abuse issues.

However, if they work with other women then these issues can be spotted and the girl helped. This will not happen as much if she is working independently on the street with others who may have the same problems. That isn’t to say there aren’t other groups who do help street workers, but they can only do so much.

4) The Authorities Can Check Them Out

As I said before, every area will be different, in legal terms and enforcement terms. When things are good, the authorities can make trips to the establishment to make sure everything is in order. This can help against trafficking, or any other form of someone working against their will, or usnafe practices.

When they are forced to work on their own, the authorities can’t check, and if they do it can come across in an accusatory manner where the sex worker is more concerned about not getting themselves or their clients into trouble, rather than seeking help if it is needed.

5) It Lessens The Number of Street Workers in Residential Areas

It is fair to say that residents don’t usually like sex workers in their neighbourhood. Going to the shops and being asked if they are ‘looking for business’ can get annoying, as can the flow of cars kerb-crawling.

Having brothels legalised will mean that most street workers have somewhere to go away from family homes and local alleyways.

6) They are Subtle

One of the big problems people have about legalising brothels is the idea that one will right away pop up on your high street next to McDonalds . This is a complete straw man argument as brothels still need to be subtle. This is because their clients don’t want everyone watching them walk in as there is still a stigma. Consequently they always will be in more secluded areas.

7) It is More Pleasant For the Sex Worker

Seriously, wouldn’t it be nicer for the girls to spend time indoors, in the warm, on a nice bed? Are we really going to force them to walk around in the pouring rain and driving wind? Are you really going to do that, even if you don’t like the industry?

There are many other reasons brothels should be legal. These are just seven of them.

So what do you think? Should brothels be legal? Let us know in the poll below.

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