Raunchy Music Video Angers Facebook Users

With social media sites it is pretty hit and miss about the content that can stay on. Twitter seems to be the most forgiving, as you can follow plenty of horny porn stars sharing their dirty pictures on there without issue. Facebook, however, is usually pretty tough at cracking down on the things that they feel break their rules… or at least that is how it used to be.

Sexy dominatrix with leather whip closeup

The social media site has come under fire recently when one user reported a video showing hardcore porn and full sex scenes, only for them to hear back that “it doesn’t go against the Facebook Community Standards”. Well, just for you guys I have taken a look at the video itself, and answer whether it should have been removed by Facebook.

Nudity from Rammstein

You might have heard of the German band Rammstein, but if you haven’t here’s a little information you might find useful. They were first formed back in 1994, and since then the band hasn’t changed. This is a huge achievement, considering barely a week goes by without some of the current bands in the charts announcing they are breaking up or getting a new member.

Their music might not be to everyone’s tastes, but they have quite the following. That might be thanks to the fact that, while a lot of their songs are sung in German, they also sing in English, Spanish, French, and Russian… but that isn’t why they are currently being talked about.

The band are known for being quite theatrical and controversial. Even during their live shows they push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable, and this latest video to appear on Facebook again is just one of the many reasons that the band find themselves in the news. Considering one of the band members, guitarist Paul Landers, has been quoted as saying “we like being on the fringes of bad taste”, we really shouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, before we start talking about the video itself, perhaps we had better tell you about the song. The song is called Pussy (often changed to p***y in the media), which might be all you need to know. It was always going to push the boundaries, especially with the chorus saying “you’ve got a pussy, I have a dick, ah. So what’s the problem? Let’s do it quick!”

One hot and steamy music video

If you are curious about the video, you will have a hard time finding the uncensored version on video sharing sites like YouTube. That’s because it breaks their rules, as it contains nudity and pornography. That might be everything you were hoping for from a music video, but you will need to look further afield for it.

In fact, searching for “Rammstein pussy video uncensored” will bring up a few links to places like xvideos and Pornhub, so it is safe to say that the video is definitely not safe for work.

The censored video is pretty safe, with most of the hot and steamy action blurred out. All you will see are shots of the band playing the song, with the occasional sexy lady and hunky man making out. Pretty tame, right?

Well, the uncensored version shows sex. Lots and lots of sex. One woman fingers herself on camera, while others give enthusiastic blowjobs to men or get fucked from behind by them. The video even ends like a porno, with the classic money shot to remember it by. It’s more like a porn compilation with some rock music over the top of it than a music video, but hey, it has been getting views since 2009 when the video was first released!

Reported to Facebook

One Facebook user was innocently looking through the posts from a rock and heavy metal group on Facebook when he spotted that someone had shared a video from the rock band Rammstein. Curious, he started watching it and was pretty shocked when he saw all the tits, ass, and cock in the video.

When interviewed, the man said “it’s outrageous, I’m a single bloke, I don’t mind seeing nudity – but there is a time and a place for it and not on Facebook.”

The user did the only thing that he felt he could do and reported the video, but was shocked when the social media network came back with a response saying that it wouldn’t be removed. Their response said “Thanks for letting us know about the video you reported for displaying nudity. As of now, it hasn’t been removed because we found that it doesn’t go against the Facebook Community Standards.”

As you can imagine, the man is pretty outraged: “when Facebook stop pictures of a woman who has had a double mastectomy within minutes but they let videos like this it’s double standards it’s horrendous.”

Should the video be removed?

The video is pretty in your face, even for a social media site, so plenty are saying that it should have been removed at the time. It seems that the video has now been removed, but the problem here isn’t necessarily just with this video.

Over the years, Facebook has been accused of removing plenty of images and videos for no reason whatsoever. I think we have all seen the double mastectomy picture that the Facebook user mentioned above, right? While some of the pictures and images may have been removed from Facebook, we know that a lot of people will claim it has been removed from Facebook simply to get the shares.

Do Facebook need to be stricter with their policies and deleting content, or do you think it is perfectly acceptable for videos like this to appear on the site? Let us know how you feel about it either by leaving a comment in the box below or by heading over to the Escort Scotland forum and joining in the discussion there.

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