Does it Matter That Keith Vaz Saw Escorts? (Video)

I was on holiday this weekend and was attempting to keep abreast of what was going on in the world. To my shock, it turned out that Keith Vaz had been exposed by a national newspaper pf seeing two male escorts. From that moment I knew we had a major news story.

Houses of Parliament

As this is all a few days old, I am not going to bore you with details you know already. It is suffice to say that Labour man Vaz has been forced to resign from his role as head of the Home Affairs select committee. What the future hold for him I don’t know; one suspects that the married man will be trying to get back on the right side of his wife, who I imagine isn’t very impressed

What it does get me thinking though is this. Does it really matter if Vaz sees escorts? To me, as someone who works in the sex industry, it is a huge question.

Moral Outrage

Now obviously you have seen a number of people saying that Vaz is a moral degenerate. He has cheated on his wife and has got involved with the ‘dirty sex industry’. Let us get something straight; if a politician gets caught seeing escorts, rightly or wrongly, they are going to get it both barrels by the press and moral elite. It does make you think that in the current climate, they would be best off having a wank! The risk of getting caught and exposed his huge, and arguable outweighs the benefits. Yes, he tried to pretend he was someone else, but when you are on TV as much as he is, then you are going to get busted.

But does it stop Vaz being able to do his job? Well, if you consider that it is his job to look after his constituents, then no, it really doesn’t. Everyone is entitled to a private life. Vaz has been a great MP since 1987, if a little bit in love with the being on TV(I would have said media whore, but that may have seen me fired!) Who he has sex with at the end of the night is no concern of anyone’s.

However, when we get onto his role as the (former) Home Affairs select committee chief, we have an issue. One of the things he will have to deal with will be the evolution of laws regarding sex work. I have full faith in his ability to be able to compartmentalise. Hey, it may even be a good thing he has seen sex workers first hand and realises they aren’t all trafficked people working against their will.

Sadly for Vaz, in the political world, you have to be beyond reproach. Recently him and his committee came out in favour of decriminalising sex work. People who are against that action will now say ‘oh, he would say that wouldn’t he, he just wants to get some action’. It means that viewpoint is on very shaky ground, and other MP’s may veer away from his view so not be associated with him. That, in itself, could be damaging for the sex industry.

It is what they call a ‘conflict of interest’. Even if there isn’t one, if there is a perception of one, then that is enough to finish you off.

Unfortunate Circumstances

Therefore it makes sense that he has had to step down. If he had been the head of transport, or the environment, or anything else for that matter, he may well have survived. It is his specific role where he could come in to contact (professionally) with sex workers that has caused him problems.

I hope things end well for Vaz. I have no idea if his family knew he was bisexual; that is his and their business. Despite him getting up to no good, one suspects those closest to him will need to offer him real support. One can only guess at the pain he is going through right now.

Maybe when he comes back he can let the world know what the sex industry is really like? That is for another time. For now, the future for Keith Vaz looks rather uncertain.

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2 thoughts on “Does it Matter That Keith Vaz Saw Escorts? (Video)”

  1. People get up to almost anything these days, so no this wouldn’t bother me.
    He the chap is paying out of his own pocket and not claiming it back, then there should not be any problems.

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