How To Use Restraints In The Bedroom

We all like to get a little bit kinky sometimes, although what we think of as kinky changes from person to person. You might like nothing more than switching up positions and getting a little rougher, while others think of kink as something that involves ties, whips, and chains. Oh my

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At some point or another you will find yourself experimenting with restraints, either because your partner is into it and wants to try it out or you’d love nothing more than being tied down and fucked hard and fast. A lot of people think of restraints as simply being ropes or handcuffs locking you to a bed, but there are so many more ways that you can restrain someone… and each is a little hotter than the last.

Join us here on the Escort Scotland blog we get a little kinky and explore the world of bondage, telling you just what you need to know when using restraints in the bedroom and the common mistakes you need to avoid to keep things kinky, fun, and safe.

Getting tied in knots

One of the more popular methods of restraining someone in the bedroom is to use rope. Some might use any old rope they have lying around, but the problem with that is you can actually hurt your partner more if it is too tight or rough, which definitely won’t be what you were intending. You just want to keep your partner in one place, not injure them.

So you should look at investing in some bondage rope. It really doesn’t cost too much (you can get a decent quality for less than a fiver) and if you can’t find it in store then there are plenty of stores online that you can buy it from.

If you are going to spend a little extra for good quality, you should go for silk rope. It is so soft that you or your partner will be totally okay with being restrained by it, and the vivid colours the rope comes in will certainly catch their attention.

When you are getting around to tying your partner up, you should remember that you aren’t going to cut off circulation. You are restraining them, and if you can work two fingers between the rope and their skin, it is the perfect tightness. Make sure that it is also a loose enough knot that it can easily be undone in an emergency, but tight enough that, when they struggle, they won’t break it.

The cold metal of handcuffs

Handcuffs are a great way to keep someone restrained. You can pick them up for cheap and, if you are using the handcuffs with a police officer and criminal fantasy, they really tie into it and make it all the more believable.

However, some people don’t enjoy handcuffs as they can hurt, and the cold metal puts them off. Thankfully, handcuff-type restraints come in a huge number of varieties.

Padded leather handcuffs are basically leather-style bracelets that you can wrap around your partner’s wrist and then attach to something with a clip, such as the bed or the other cuff. Many of them come with a clip that gives you the freedom to put your partner anywhere in the bedroom, and if you were to lead them to the wardrobe and fasten them to it they will be keen to see what you do next!

When you have them tied up in this way you can leave them like that for a while, doing with them whatever you want, before moving them somewhere else. The constantly changing position will make their heart race to learn what you will do next, and it means that, should you get bored, you can easily move on to something else.

Get inventive!

It could be that you have found yourself in a bondage emergency. Your partner may have confessed to you that they want to try some BDSM and so you have to think on the fly… so what everyday household items can you make restraints from?

If you have a belt (either for a dressing gown or trousers) you can use that. It will keep your partner in place long enough for you to have your wicked way with them, and will be a lot of fun!

But what if you don’t have that? Clothes can work in a bondage emergency, and if you use their own clothes to keep them in place it will add an extra kink to your fun. Try using their tights to keep them in place, or even a vest to tie their hands together.

If you are trying out a kidnap fantasy, things like duct tape and cable ties work well, but obviously you need to use these with caution. You don’t want to hurt your partner, so put something between to make sure it doesn’t go too tight.

Using your body

Of course, there is one essential thing that people forget when it comes to bondage and restraints. You don’t actually need the specialist rope, handcuffs, or ties to hold them down. Sometimes the quickest and most fun thing to do is to use your body.

Restraining your partner using your body is so much more fun, and a lot more intimate. You can hold their legs in place while you eat them out, or use your hands to grip their wrists as you fuck them hard.

You could even try a little mental restraint and tell them that they aren’t allowed to move without your permission. They’ll try their hardest to stay in the same place for you and, should they stray, you can punish them.

Restraints are a lot of fun if you know what you are doing, and it is even more fun when you know the huge number of possibilities open to you! Which is your favourite? Do you prefer the rope, or are you happy to use your hands to keep them in place? Let us know on the Escort Scotland forum or by leaving a comment in the box below.

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