How To Give Phenomenal Oral She’ll Never Forget!

For me, oral sex can go one of two ways. It can be something I dread because my partner isn’t sure what they are doing and won’t take direction. However, there are also those times when it is some of the most phenomenal oral I have ever had because they make it clear that they know how to use their tongue and mouth to make me cum.

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It is a real skill to be able to give her oral sex she will never forget, so what is it you need to know to get her off? We have a few tips for you here on the Escort Scotland blog.

Help her relax

Trying to go down on her when she is feeling tense isn’t going to do anyone any favours. We probably have a lot on our minds, and so focusing on what you are doing with your tongue is going to be difficult.

So before you begin you need to help her relax. There are so many different ways you can do this, but by far one of the best is to give her a slow and sensual massage.

A massage is perfect for two reasons. One, it helps her to relax. By slowly rubbing your hands all over her, you are putting her at ease and helping her forget all of the stress of the day, week, or month. Two, it is going to turn her on. Feeling someone rubbing your body all over? It feels great and gets you horny. So this can lead nicely into foreplay.

A massage can really do wonders
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Everything feels more exciting and thrilling when we are turned on. Each touch and stroke is more intense, so the more turned on you get her, the better her orgasm will be from oral.

So you’ll want to try a little foreplay. Yes, a lot of people tend to count oral as foreplay, but if you want to have her screaming your name for all to hear, you’ll want to make foreplay separate to oral.

If you have been slowly rubbing your hands all over her body in a sensual massage, allow the to drift a little. Gently stroke her boobs before playing with her nipples. Kiss your way down to your hands and start to slowly suck on her tits. Tease her as much as possible.

It works even better if you let your hands and mouth get close to her cunt. Try to resist touching her clit and pussy for as long as possible as this will turn her on even more. She might even beg for you to put your head between her legs, and we are sure that you will be happy to oblige.

Foreplay and oral should be kept separate for the most fun!
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Move your mouth to her cunt

One of the big mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to oral is that they will extend their tongue out to lick at the clit. They’ll make it pointed, like a sword, and this can leave your tongue and mouth feeling very tired very quickly.

Because it can take longer for a woman to cum, you’ll want to keep going for longer. This means that you should move your mouth to her cunt. Really bury your face in there and you’ll find that you don’t get tired so soon.

Plus, the pressure helps. You have better control of just how you touch her and, when she is getting close, she will press harder on your face. Just keep up with what you are doing and you’ll find that it works wonders for giving her phenomenal oral!

Take your mouth to her pussy, rather than just your tongue
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Be willing to take feedback

You might have a few tried and tested techniques that you believe work wonders in the bedroom. However, every woman is different. What turns one woman on might not turn on another, and so you are going to have to do something really radical in the bedroom to figure out what she wants.

That’s right – you are going to have to ask her. It’s a crazy idea, we know, and that’s because people don’t want to ask. They feel as though they should be able to read her mind instead.

But honestly, women know that you can’t read minds. If you could, then it would be so much easier. So instead of hoping for these mystical powers to manifest themselves, ask her what she likes. You’ll find that it turns her on to talk about it, as it shows you actually give a shit whether she enjoys herself.

Want to kink it up a little? Reach up with your hand so that she can suck on your fingers. Then ask her to do to your hand what she wants you to do to her pussy. It might seem strange at first, but you’ll be able to copy her movements and give her the most phenomenal oral orgasm of her life, simply by listening to what she wants.

Her feedback will let you know when you are on the right lines
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The most phenomenal oral

Finding the right techniques for your partner can be tough, which is why talking helps a lot. Sure, you can experiment, but if she starts moaning and groaning and rubbing on your face, you are doing something right. Stick with it and she’ll cum!

Have you got some stories about the most phenomenal oral you have ever given or received? We want to hear from you. Share your tips with us in the comment box below!

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