Giant Yellow Duck Explodes in Taiwan!

So 2014 is upon us! Though we really hope your celebrations went with a bang, we don’t mean as literally as the giant yellow duck that exploded in a Northern Taiwanese port, just hours before it was expected to attract a huge crowd to countdown to the new year.

The 18 metre (59ft) tall attraction, a bath toy replica created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, was on show at Keelung when it burst, after being on display for only 11 days.

After bursting, the duck deflated, leaving only a a floating yellow disc, much to the disappointment of organisers and visitors alike.

Though no-one is absolutely convinced as to the reasons why the duck exploded, one theory is that the yellow duck may have been scratched by eagles, causing it to become damaged.

A video of the unfortunate incident is below.

We hope that this deflating experience doesn’t foreshadow any bad omens for Taiwan itself. It is hardly a good start to 2014!

For all of you out there who had a good 2013 we hope you have a great 2014. For those of you who had a rubbish 2013, things can only get better. Keep your chin up and enjoy what the new year has to offer!

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