How Escorts Can Avoid Embarrassment at Customs

We sometimes hear stories about escorts getting stopped by border control when travelling to certain countries. Possession of sexy lingerie, condoms and adult toys is not a criminal offence anywhere in this world (as far as we know!). However, having an immigration officer search through your luggage and pull out your dildo, can certainly be embarrassing!

Customs desks

Because of this, we have decided to put up a little guide on how not to avoid embarrassment at customs. Just to be clear, this should be adhered to irrespective of where you are going, irrespective of freedom of movement and the legal status of sex work in the country.

Don’t Travel in Big Groups

It is known that customs in many countries like stopping groups of women. Consequently, you are less likely to be stopped if you travel alone. Groups of beautiful ladies arriving together are very attractive to customs officers!

Don’t Come With Your Escort Stuff in Your Luggage

It sounds obvious, but many escorts like to save time (and money) by bringing all their sex work gear with them everywhere they go. I am talking about things like lingerie, sex toys, advert information, business cards, and condoms. If you are checked and customs find all your sexy stuff, they will take an interest in you!

When in Rome, buy a vibrator in Rome! Don’t bring your vibrator to Rome! Travelling with sex toys attract attentions in airports. There are plenty of places to buy sexy stuff in most destinations, so it really isn’t worth the risk of travelling with it. There are even horror stories out there of vibrators randomly turning on in luggage and causing major security alerts at airports!

Have a Return / Open Flight Ticket if on a Visit

Immigration love stopping visitors who don’t have a return ticket. Buy a return or open ticket you can show immigration if asked.

Have a Good Story as to Why you are Travelling

If you get asked why you are travelling to a country, it is best to have your story straight. If you are visiting for a sex toy summit, you might find it easier if you just say that you are visiting on leisure and don’t mention the sex toys bit! Tell the customs officer that you are looking forward to seeing popular tourist attractions, not that you are hoping for good sex! Also have the address of the hotel or home you are staying at. This is another thing immigration officers will often ask for.

Don’t Panic

If you do get stopped, the best thing to do is not panic. The places you are visiting won’t be taking you out the back to be tortured, so just speak happily to them. As soon as you start looking suspicious, suspicions will be raised. Look normal, they will have no reason to suspect you.

So there we go. In all likelihood you won’t be stopped by anyone, but it is better to be in the best possible position to handle the situation if it arises.

Until next time, happy escorting!

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