Can Open Relationships Work?

Just last week we were talking about the man who had two girlfriends and they were in a very open relationship. We can all pretty much agree that he is the luckiest man in the world, because I’m pretty sure we’d all like a piece of that action.
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I got talking to a girlfriend of mine last night about the story, and she went very quiet before telling me she and her boyfriend have an agreement, and so are in an open relationship. It got me thinking… can open relationships really work, and what does it mean?

The perfect threesome

I wrote an article last week about the man with the perfect threesome. He had been married and in an open relationship when he met girlfriend number one. Through girlfriend number one he then met girlfriend number two, and the three of them have a happy little relationship.

For most people, having two girlfriends at the same time counts as cheating. If they did know about each other, there would be jealousy, fights, and one lonely guy at the end of it all, feeling like he could have done things so much better.

If there is no arguing, fighting, and cheating, it is usually because it’s all a wet dream, and you wake up with a mess in your pants and thoughts you can’t get rid of for the next few days.

Yet for Adam Lyons it was all a dream come true. He got the girls, and they are even thinking or bringing a third woman into the mix.

Jealous? Us? Don’t be ridiculous.

Real life

However, in real life I thought this wasn’t something that happened. I thought that “open relationships” were basically when someone cheated and the other person just didn’t make a big deal about it. After all, can you really have sex with someone and then not get jealous when they have sex with someone else?

Talking to my friend, it seemed that you actually could. She has been dating her boyfriend for five years now, and from the very beginning she said they have been in an open relationship.

He is allowed to go off with other women if he wants to, and she can go see other men if she so desires. Then they go back to each other and have some of the most amazing sex, or so she says.

What is it we are missing about open relationships? Are the risks really worth it?
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Open relationship problems

With an open relationship, there are two main things you need to figure out first of all. Without them, your open relationship is likely to end sooner than you were hoping for.

The first is just what the boundaries are. For example, many feel that having sex is okay if there is no kissing involved, while I have also heard about open relationships where the women could cheat, but only with other women. What are you both okay with, and are there some areas of concern?

The biggest hurdle to overcome is how you feel about it. Jealousy plays a huge part in open relationships, and it tends to be the reason that a lot of them end. If you do find yourself feeling jealous about what your partner has been getting up to with others, you need to figure out why. If it is because you want them all to yourself, then you need to address the issue.

The benefits

That said, there are some great benefits to having an open relationship. For a start, the sex will always be fresh and exciting, and you will want to leave your partner with memories they cannot forget in a hurry.

It also helps to prevent boredom, as you can then invite others to join you for some sexy threesomes. You can act out your fantasy with two hot and sexy women, and your partner gets the chance to try something new with you.

Have you ever been in an open relationship? Was it fun, or did you find it a challenge? Let us know, whatever your answer, by heading to the Escort Scotland forum, or by leaving a comment in the box below.

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