Can I See Escorts After Drinking Alcohol?

One question we often get is ‘what are the rules on seeing escorts after you have had a drink?’. ‘Can I have a few pints before I go and meet my companion?’. ‘How much alcohol is too much?’. Well, these are such important questions that today we are going to give you as good an answer to them as we can.

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A Few Tips

The first thing we need to say is that we are an advertising company, so it isn’t up to us what happens on a meeting. That will be between the escort and the client, and as they are individuals, each will have their own limits. However, there are ‘rules’ which remain consistent between most escorts.

Alcohol can be dangerous for escorts. Remember, they don’t know you, so have no idea how you will react to drink. Maybe you will get aggressive? Maybe you will not understand consent issues? It is therefore something that they frown upon, so if you go in drunk then you will likely get thrown out and put on a watch list.

So that answers the question as to whether you can get pissed and call an escort. Still, what is more likely is that someone wants to have a drink to calm their nerves before the appointment. This is where things get a bit more tricky.

It is safe to say that we all react differently and have different tolerances for alcohol. Some can handle two pints, others won’t be able to. Certain people make it pretty obvious when they are merry, others less so. If you are self aware, then you will know which you are. If you have a tendency to look more drunk than you are (like me) then you need to be careful.

Now we all know that escort’s aren’t going to be stood there with a breathalyser when you enter their place, so there is no way anyone can have a zero tolerance attitude . However, this is all about respect and not putting the escort in a position where she feels uncomfortable.

Be Sensible

Obviously it is best not to touch alcohol at all. Still, if you must, my idea if you feel nervous is to have one drink, no more. Two could easily become three, so if you ration yourself, then you know you will be fine. After that, have some gum or mints to freshen your breath, just so the companion doesn’t smell the drink and worry that you may have had more than you actually have.

The alcohol one is often a tricky subject due to everyone having different attitudes to drink. In the end though, the best thing to do is work off the basis the escort hates it and act accordingly. This means you will a) not start your meeting out on the wrong foot or b) get chucked out.

Neither of those options are fantastic, are they?

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