A Letter From a Client – Laura Lee

This week I was sent some correspondence from a Canadian client. Ordinarily I wouldn’t publish such personal detail, but I think it shows the humanity behind the those “evil purchasers of the bodies of prostituted persons”, and so with the writer’s permission, here it is. give me strength.

Woman in orange hot pants stands on street corner
Prostitute waiting for client on the street

I am 60 years of age and there has been no sex in my marriage now for five years. But that is not the reason why I am emailing.

My wife suffers from a disorder which causes severe itching in the mouth and vagina and leaves leaf or lichen like patterns on the sensitive skin areas. She consulted a doctor and he said the only thing that helps is steroids but they have side effects, one of which is increased chance of cancer. My wife was faced with a decision, itchiness and no sex, or steroids and possible cancer in the future. She chose the itchiness. Devil you know/don’t know. The result is no sex as I said at the beginning.

Now I love my wife and care for her but after five years I have decided the celibate life is not for me. I cannot consider an affair as it would be ruinous to my marriage. Escorts or as a friend of mine said ‘pay as you go girlfriend’ was the route to go. I am now sexually satisfied and my family life continues.

Do I feel guilty ? A little but not much, because the celibate life is awful. I have made a choice and there’s no going back.

So why send you this email ? You know it is not just the handicapped, lonely, shy, disfigured people affected. There are also perfectly normal guys too. Guys who you would see walking down the street. Have a laugh with. Think nothing was wrong. The guy sitting next to you on the tube or bus. It is on behalf of those that I speak.

I will end by saying that decriminalisation is much more importantly about escorts’ welfare and I am fully aware of that. However I can only speak of my own experiences and where my comments may help the overall cause. I hope you do not construe my comments as selfish in any way. I have bottled this up ever since Peter MacKay introduced legislation into the Canadian Parliament in early 2014. I used to live in Canada and watched with dismay how every argument was countered or ignored. The Government basically forced it through, then recently the guy had the nerve to quit politics. Leaving the Red Umbrella Society to pick up the pieces and continue the fight. I don’t know how the ladies carry on but they do, which lends credence to the argument that escorting is as big in Sweden now as it ever was.

Laura Lee

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