The Beginner’s Guide To Edging

When we look on porn sites these days, you will see the increased popularity of edging porn. This is where the orgasm is delayed, until, after waiting and waiting, it cums in a massive explosion. Obviously, ‘monkey see, monkey do’, and it is becoming more and more popular in bedrooms all over the country.

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Still, it isn’t as easy as it looks on screen. This means many aren’t getting the most out of it. Well, this is why your friends from here at Escort Scotland are here to help you out.

Learn To Love Yourself

The first thing you need to learn is how to do it yourself. You won’t be able to control it with another person if you haven’t mastered doing it solo. Having a look on, I found a brilliant step by step guide.

In it they describe learning about your PONR (point of no return). This is the key to edging. You have to be able to scrape up against that wall, without going too far. If you do that, you will cum far earlier than you want to, and then the session will be ruined.

This is how they said you should practice.

1) Stimulate yourself until you get an erection. While you do, be attentive and feel every sensation in your body (especially in your pelvic floor).

2) Using some silicone based lubricant, stroke your penis starting from the base and slowly moving towards the top (avoiding the fraenulum and the glans at the beginning).

3) When you feel you’re getting close to your PONR, start moving down the shaft again and completely stop when you reach your PONR (or when you’re about to reach it).

4) While you wait for your arousal to subside, feel every sensation in your body and take slow deep breaths. Be a man, face your sensations, feel them fully – don’t run away from them.

5) When the sensation of imminent ejaculation has disappeared, restart the process again.

6) After 20 minutes of Edging, stop, put your pants on and do something else.

It is safe to say that you will mess up on occasions. You will find yourself going beyond your PONR and having an orgasm. This is all part of the learning experience as you get to understand this kind of fun.

After two weeks you should be able to have some sort of control. Even then it will take time for you to become an expert. The desire to orgasm is a strong one and it takes a while for you to learn to suppress it.

With a Partner

When it comes to getting someone else involved, your partner need to be able listen to your instructions. The moment they start freewheeling, then she isn’t listening to you. You have to be in control for it to work. You know where you PONR is, no-one else does.

When it comes to the orgasm, it is up to you when you cum. You will work out when you have been edged far enough, and when you deserve to let yourself go.

When you start learning about edging, you will realise that it isn’t easy, but wow, it can be rewarding!

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