A Boost For Aussie Gay Marriage?

Yesterday was a very interesting day in Australian politics. Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott was ousted as the leader of the party, and therefore the countries PM. He was ‘stabbed in the front’ by colleague Malcolm Turnball, who now takes over the office he has coveted for a long time.

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So why is this appearing on a Scottish escort blog you may ask? Well, this could be a major step towards gay marriage in the country, a cause Escort Scotland has backed for a long time.

Part, Not all of the Problem

Now I’m not going to go militant and say that Abbott (who is very anti-gay marriage) was basically sacked for this viewpoint. Let us get something straight, although most Australians want gay marriage, this isn’t the kind of policy that by itself wins and loses elections. I’m also not going to say he is a ‘bad person’ as I believe everyone has the right to an opinion. This is what democracy is about.

What killed Abbott was the fact that he just couldn’t connect to the public. He oversaw the economy going down the tubes, he misjudged the Australian appetite to take refugees from Syria, only belatedly saying that 12,000 would be given shelter this year and was just considered, rightly or wrongly a bit of an idiot.

It is fair to say that the Liberal party knew he was a vote loser. He only got into power because the Labor party was so unpopular (to be fair, Dame Edna could have got elected with that backdrop). Abbott was kept on message with simple terms like he“stopped the boats” and “axed the tax”. However, he was still prone to gaffs, such as his 2010 comment overheard by the press that “It’s pretty obvious that, well, sometimes shit happens, doesn’t it?” when discussing the death of an Australian serviceman in Afghanistan. Yes, people got the point, but it sounded so dismissive.

A Brave New World?

It is through this prism that his view on gay marriage need to be looked through. It just showed how out of touch with public opinion he was. Gay marriage was just the latest in the line of things he was considered wrong about.

I have no idea how Mr Turnball is as a politician or a man. What I do know is that he is a supporter of gay marriage, a policy that Abbott opposed and arguably made impossible to become law. Now Mr Turnball is in power then you it may be a lot easier to make this equality legislation real.

Time will tell. Let’s hope we can bring you some good news shortly!

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