£20,000 To Look Like Baywatch Babe!

Ask most men and women about the popular TV show Baywatch and they’ll mention Pamela Anderson and how much of a babe she was. Even in my young years, I noticed the way she ran in slow motion over the sand. Memorable stuff!
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However, there is a difference between admiring someone and wanting to be identical to them. For Carolyn Anderson, the desire to be like Ms Anderson was too much, and she has spent £20,000 to look like her idol.

I can think of much better things to spend that money on!

The transformation

Looking like an icon takes a lot of work as well as money… but it all started when Carolyn’s dad made a comment to her when she was 14, after she’d had a haircut.

“I said to her, ‘you’ve got a look like Pamela Anderson’ so we got a magazine out and looked and she went ‘oh yeah’. So I supposed I’m the culprit for everything that’s happened.” Her father confessed in an interview with Barcroft TV.

The idea bloomed in her head and, although she went to University to become a lawyer, she found herself coming back to the idea of being Pamela Anderson. She went as far as changing her surname to match, before undergoing extensive surgery.
Scouse Pammie


She definitely looks the part, as we can see in the picture on the left that she shared on Social Media… but is it a step too far?

The extent to which Carolyn, or Scouse Pammie as she likes to call herself, has gone to in order to look like her idol is shocking.

Highlights, spray tans, contact lenses, eyebrow waxes and eyebrow tints are just the tip of the iceberg. She also has regular Botox injections, lip tattoos, and has gone through eight boob jobs to perfect the look.

It hasn’t all been easy sailing, though, as her first breast surgery didn’t work out. When she went on a tanning bed, one of the implants exploded and she had to walk around with just the one implant in for six months.

Sex symbol of the 80s

“Pamela is the ultimate 80s sex icon,” said Carolyn in an interview, “You can’t get much better than that.”

It seems that fellow Liverpudlians agree with her. “Scouse Pammie is absolutely fabulous. She looks just like the real thing” one woman said of Carolyn’s dramatic appearance.

How do you feel about this? Is it a huge waste of money, or would you be more than happy to spend some time with a Pamela Anderson lookalike? Let us know in the comment box below, or head to the Escort Scotland forum and share your thoughts there.

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