Things TV And TS Escorts Are Fed Up Of Hearing

Slowly but surely, the world is coming around to the idea that the LGBT community deserves some recognition, although they are still uncertain about just what being transgender means. Because of this, transsexual and transvestites are having a really hard time of it, and that is even more true for those who are also escorts.

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Many of the TV and TS escorts find themselves facing a lot of questions from clients and even the community who are curious to know more about them, but they also have a lot of stigma to face. Here are some of the things that TS and TV escorts are really fed up of hearing, and why you shouldn’t be saying it in the first place!

Why do you charge so much?

When you look at the prices that TV and TS escorts charge for their time and companionship, it can seem like a lot to the inexperienced client. You might not fully understand why, but there are many who will visit the Escort Scotland forums and start a thread complaining about the rates these ladies charge for their time.

In fact, it isn’t just TS and TV escorts who get this question, but they are definitely the ones to hear it the most!

For many clients they can’t imagine how that cost is justified, especially if they have never been on a date with a TV or TS escort before. They often follow it up with things like “well, if they can get away with it” and comments like that.

Honestly, if you find the price that an escort is charging is just too much for you, then they aren’t the escort for you. It really is that simple. There will be others out there more suited to your budget, and trying to shame those charging more into lowering their prices isn’t a good way of doing things.

If they are out of your price range, a good way to work around it is to select the location you wish to visit an escort in, choose the type of escort (TV or TS) and then put in your budget. That way, you know the escorts you meet are suited to your budget.

However, a lot of TS and TV escorts charge more than female escorts and that is for a very good reason. They are often providing a different type of service. You get what you give, and if you are happy to pay that little extra for a big surprise, you are going to have the time of your life. However, if you are too busy complaining about the price, you probably won’t get an experience like that any time soon.

Top or bottom?

For whatever reason, straight men and women don’t get asked this question. It is a question that is reserved for gay people and transgender people, but people always want to know if, in the bedroom, they are a bottom or a top… because we all know that you can only be one, right?

As a woman in the bedroom, I like both. What I want will change depending on my mood. Sometimes I love nothing more than climbing on top and riding away, while other times I prefer to lie back and watch what is happening.

It is exactly the same not only with TV and TS, but also with other women, men, and gay people. It can change. Yes, we all have our preferences, but we can change.

People focus way too much on whether a TS or TV likes being in control, when really they are much more versatile than that. They are completely happy letting you take the lead or taking charge themselves and showing you how it is done.

The main thing that you should be focusing on is that chemistry. With a great escort you will feel that connection straight away, and so what happens next will just happen naturally. Even better is when you meet a fantastic escort who can make you change your mind about your own preferences!

I have no experience with TS or TV. Should I try?

This question is one that comes up a lot. The client will confess that they have never spent any time with a TS or TV escort but they are curious. They usually also go looking at the profiles of the various TV and TS escorts in Scotland to try and figure out which one might be perfect for them, but they are a little too scared to pick up the phone.

For whatever reason, there is this assumption that booking half an hour with a TS or TV escort is different to booking with any other escort. If it is your first time, they will be gentle with you. They won’t rush in and risk upsetting you. Instead, they’ll treat you kindly and only go as far as you want them to.

The best way to deal with this is to call the escort you have had your eye on. Explain to them that you have never had a date with a TV or TS escort before, but you’d love to meet them as they have caught your eye. You can talk about your interests then and they will know that you are a beginning, and so they will take their time with you.

However, you might prefer to post in the TV/TS scene on the Escort Scotland forums. The forums are a great place to get talking about all things TV and TS, as you could actually ask the people there for the best escorts for beginners. You might even get talking to your next date!

Are there more questions that you think TV and TS escorts are fed up of hearing, or is there something else you feel needs to be said? Let us know in the comment box below, or head on over to the Escort Scotland forum to share your thoughts there.

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