Five Things Not To Say When Sexting!

In the digital age, it is fair to say, sexting has become increasingly popular. Back in the 90’s, those who enjoyed what was called ‘cybersex’ were seen as rather weird. In the modern era however, it seems that nearly everyone with a phone is doing it on apps like Snapchat.

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Still, it isn’t something we are ever really taught about, so it is easy to mess it up. People are left wondering what the line between hot and annoying is.

Well, today we are going to look at some of the words or phrases you should stick well clear of. Do you recognise using any of them?

1) Cunt

For 9 out of 10 people, this is the worst swear word there is. Therefore, describing a woman’s lady parts as such is a bad move.

Instead stick to words like ‘pussy’, or even ‘vagina’. They will certainly do the job and they won’t leave you sounding like a vulgar swine.


2) I want 2 fuq u

You sound lazy, illiterate, or maybe both.

Make it sound like you are putting effort in, and she is very likely to make an effort back. That will put a smile on your face.

In the words of Blink 182…’You get what you give’.


3) What Do You Want Me To Do To You?

This is a cracker. It just sounds like you don’t know what to say so you are looking for some guidance. You may have good intentions, but you will only end up looking incompetent.

Take more control and she will love it.


4) Do You Want to See My Dick?

This comes across as an unsolicited dick pic, and if you are a woman, you won’t want one. Most people, if they want to see your bits, will ask.

Work them into frenzy and they will be begging you to see them. Don’t rush it; take your time.


5) Bang

I was told once that ‘bang’ was how a 13-year-old kid describes sex. You want to sound hot and horny, not like a pubescent child, so use words like ‘fuck’ instead.


In the end, you will get find what you both like. Just keep clear of these words and you will be well on the way to having a wonderful sexting experience.

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