Owner Makes Brothel Free for Customers!

An Austrian brothel is offering free sex to customers in a protest against the county’s high tax levels on prostitution.

Red room with red bed

Red Light District King’ Hermann Muller has decided the tax offices are giving him a bit of a raw deal, so is now letting the customers see the girls for free, whilst he pays them out of his own pocket.

No More Tax

We’re not paying any more tax”, read a message on the website of the Pascha brothel, where an eight week extravaganza of free nookie was announced.

“In the past decade alone I have paid Five Million Euros in taxes in Salzburg alone.” He claims that legal brothels shouldn’t be taxed so highly, as those charges were brought in to combat illegal street and apartment prostitution.

It seems the girls in Austria would rather work in a club as they feel more protected than they do working individually. To be fair, that is something Escort Scotland has been saying for a long time.

Well, needless to say, this has all been a huge success, with claims that hundreds of horny guys have had to be turned away.

“Unfortunately we’ve already had to send hundreds of customers away because we had a full house,” Muller told Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung.

Other brothels in Salzburg have been helping to finance this summer of fun, though sadly, it seems that eight weeks is the limit, as Muller can’t afford to keep paying on customers behalf’s.

See You Later!

Now it has to be said, that there have been accusations that this is merely a publicity stunt designed to increase the profile of Pashca. If that is the case, it has certainly worked. This story has spread all around the world and is now on the pages of Escort Scotland. Seriously though, if I was guy walking around Salzburg, I wouldn’t care if it was a publicity stunt, a legitimate tax gripe, or just a case of Herr Muller going senile, I would have found my new home. Seriously, the authorities would have to send a search party out for me, I would be like a ghost.

Now it has to be said, I have always fancied going to Austria. Salzburg is apparently a wonderful place to go skiing and other such things, so I probably need to start booking my flights. This decision is of course in no way related to the previous story. How much of a degenerate to you take me for?

See You in Eight Weeks, folks!

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