The Importance of Lube When Using Condoms

We all know that safe sex is important. You don’t need me to tell you that condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of STI’s. This is such common knowledge now that to not use them is often seen as reckless by many people.

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However, condoms have one major drawback. For numerous couples they cause the vagina to dry up, making the sex uncomfortable for both parties.


This is why you will have many couples who say they ‘can’t use condoms’. The idea is that if it makes sex unpleasant, then they may as well use other, less successful forms of contraception.

This is a position I found myself in for nearly a decade. My partner and I tried using condoms when we got together. Sadly, it became very uncomfortable, so we moved pretty quickly onto the withdrawal method. To be fair, I became so good at it that I could have been a porn star. However, that didn’t stop us getting nervous once a month. The condom is the best form of contraceptive, and we weren’t using it.

But why does everything go dry? We always felt that is was something that was caused by the different feeling for my partner, and that sent her dry. Well, it seems that is completely wrong. In fact, it wasn’t her going dry (initially). It was the condom.

The traditional materials that condoms are made of cause lose lubrication with each stroke. That is why the longer you go, the more uncomfortable it can become. The trick is to use lube, and feel free to reapply it halfway through if things start to feel drier.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have never been told that? All I knew is that you can use condoms for sex. When we are getting sex education, no-one thought to mention using lube to me, so we just used the condom.

Funnily enough, a number of escorts I have spoken to say they had the same issue, and only learned about using lube with condoms by trial and error. And there was me thinking I had it massively wrong.

Education is The Key

I really believe that this should be taught when you are at school. Young people are likely to want to use condoms, but after going through the traditional issues, then they may choose not to. I was in a monogamous relationship, had self-control when having an orgasm, and was a bit lucky. Youngsters who have less sexual experience are more likely to get STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, just because they haven’t been taught how to use condoms correctly.

The same information is important for escorts and clients too. Though companions aren’t going to go bareback because condoms can feel rubbish, they will still want a nice encounter. The escort may see a number of clients during the day, so the chances are she may get dry, uncomfortable and sore. But by applying, or reapplying lube to the condom, there can be a smoother stroke and it is likely to feel much nicer for both.

So, remember folks, condoms are designed for safety, but without lube, they are not built for comfort. Whack it on, and be generous.

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