Have We Gone ‘Fifty Shades’ Mad?

It wasn’t long ago that all anyone could talk about was the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books, and now with the film coming out this weekend, talk of domination, submission, and fetishes has flared up again.
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We can’t get enough of it! We want to talk about every aspect of the story, from the toys that they used to the different sexy taboos they try out.

Are we going too far with our ‘Fifty Shades’ obsession?

Toys galore

Everywhere you look, toys are popping up for those wanting to buy them. You can get specialist ‘Fifty Shades’ handcuffs and even perfumes, if you so desire.

TV shows across the UK are talking about them, like the show ‘This Morning’, where they hosted a ‘Bondage for Beginners’ masterclass. They are telling you the best products to buy if you are interested in trying some ‘Fifty Shades’ style loving.

Even if you don’t look at these shows, everywhere you look there are things you can use for bondage. Hardware stores are also expecting an influx of bondage DIY enthusiasts, after a memo from DIY giant B&Q was leaked.

Hotels are getting in on the action

If that wasn’t enough to show just how much we love the idea of submitting totally to someone, the fact that hotels are also offering packages for BDSM lovers should convince you. There is even a hotel in Edinburgh doing it!

The Nira Caledonia Hotel allows you to get a black box put in your room prior to arrival. The box contains a spanking ruler as well as wrist ties for you to use on your lover, and it called the ’50 Plaids of Wa-hey’ special.

Hotels are becoming popular destinations for those wishing to try bondage, as there is the added thrill of having to stay quiet. You don’t want to let the neighbours know what you’re up to, right?
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Experimenting is part of a healthy sex life.

Sticking to the same things over and over again and being afraid of trying something new can be bad for you, and so with the raunchy film’s launch we are set to see an increase in those trying new things.

However, if being tied to a bed and whipped isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other things you can try instead.

How do you feel about the ‘Fifty Shades’ series? Is it making BDSM more mainstream or is it a poor representation of what control and submission are really like? Let us know by writing your thoughts in the comment box below, or visit the Escort Scotland forum and share your thoughts there.

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