11% of Women Think ‘No Kissing’ Means ‘No STI’

It really has to be one of the most worrying surveys I have read in a long, long time. A recent UKmedix.com study of peoples knowledge of STI’s came up with some really jaw-dropping results.

Incredible Results

Believe it or not, 11% of women think that not kissing during sex can prevent STI’s. Alarmingly, that is over one in ten. That’s really concerning.

On top of that, 55% of women think the withdrawal method prevents infection, that’s over half.

man kissing woman from behind on the neck

While we are on the subject of ‘on top’, 22% of women think that position stops you catching anything.

45% of women thought standing up during sex will stop you getting an STI. That is almost half; a truly staggering amount.

Are you looking to avoid gonorrhoea? Well, 27% of women think that if you have sex in the shower, you will avoid it!

14% of women thought that if you were in a relationship you couldn’t catch an STI.

I feel like I am stating the obvious when I say that none of these theories are true, but it seems some people out there need telling.

A Safe Industry

In all seriousness, you will never see such stupidity from the Aberdeen escorts. That is why you will never see them doing bareback services. When visiting an escort, you will have safe fun.

topless man and topless woman kissing

This should also be a heads up to you guys out there to stay safe in the non-escorting world as well. There are a number of women out there who will have STI’s and won’t even know it themselves. So the best way to not catch anything is to use a condom.

It certainly beats getting an infection!

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