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17/10/2016 at 18:00
30 minutes

Outcome: Completed

Overall just not a very nice experience at all. Firstly there is no way on Earth the girl is 18 years old, I would put her closer to 30 & just my personal opinion but I'm 100% sure the girl isn't Spanish either. With that complaints out of the way I can say the meeting wasn't a happy one at all, I knew as soon as we started I had made a mistake booking this girl. Leaned in for a kiss by which I was told 'I don't kiss, do you know how long it took to do my make up' her make up looked as though it had been put on using a trowel so I hardly think a kiss would have made a difference. Even though I had booked half an hour I was rushed from the minute I got in the door. Literally told to hurry up the whole way through, which was extremely off putting. At the end I asked if I could take a shower (keeping in mind by this point I had only been in for 10 minutes) 2 minutes in the shower & she was knocking at the door & telling me to hurry up. I told her that I was not even half way through my half hour appointment but she just wasn't interested. She actually gave me more cheek as I was leaving which was just horrible. So to some up, not as nice as the pictures, older than suggested, rude, ignorant. Just a poor service from a really horrible person. I would give this one a wide birth unless of course being treated like crap & rushed is your thing.
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