Lap dancing

Lap dancing

Lap dances are great to have done to you, as your partner will tease you by dancing either just out of reach of you, or over your lap with a rule that you cannot touch them. The teasing and anticipation brought on by a lap dance can mean that, when the main event arrives, you and your partner can barely hold yourselves back, which makes for a very thrilling and exciting moment.

If you are lucky enough to be offered a lap dance by your partner, give them plenty of time to prepare. They will want to choose the right music for the dance and the right clothes. Lap dances can be done in provocative clothing, topless, or completely nude, and how your partner wishes to do it may change as the time get closer. They may even want to mix it up a bit, by slowly stripping for you while they dance. Whatever they decide, all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the show.

Before the dance itself starts, you and your partner may wish to establish some rules. For some they are perfectly happy for their partner to grab their hips and control their movements, but some enjoy giving a more teasing lap dance, where you will not be allowed to touch them at all. They may want to do this until you beg them to let you touch them all over, and this can be very fun for both of you.

Lap dances can be done, as explained early, either on your lap or with some distance between you. If your partner choose to use more space, they may sit you down in a chair on one side of the room and slowly dance and tease their way over to you. They may also want to try climbing into your lap and grinding on you, teasing you into touching them or building tension for later. With all of the fun you could have with a lap dance, its not difficult to see why they are so popular!

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