Something BIG has happened

Published on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The biggest step forward in the history of Escort Scotland is now upon us. The long awaited site re-launch is here.

Investing in the Future

We have been working since 2014, building a cutting edge website that will meet the needs of escorts and punters alike.

We are proud to bring you the following improvements:

  • A new cutting edge design;
  • A brand new user experience making everything easier;
  • More interaction with the website;
  • Better search functions;
  • More control of your punter or escort profiles;
  • A huge and joined up industry community across Europe; and,
  • Blogs with the latest news, views and advice from industry voices.

One of the biggest updates to our site is the improvements made to our Escort Agency services. Now, there are a set of escort-agency management functions that will help agencies make the most of their time and advertising budget, whilst still maintaining the core focus on individual escort exposure.

The site is full of new features, as well as improvements on all of the old favourites.

It has been a huge collaborative effort between the users and ourselves, many of whom have offered feedback, and have been involved in the process that has seen the site evolve into the one you will see today.

The industry has faced and still faces many challenges, but we will continue to be at the forefront of the nation's escort industry, and will continue to spread the word into Europe and beyond.

Our mission is to create websites that escorts and punters want to use - and with this revamp, we hope you will agree that we have done this.

We really hope you find the new website enjoyable. Have a look round now and see what you think!