A uniform is simply clothing worn by someone in a particular role, such as police officer, and health officers. They are used to identify them to those in need, but the uniforms have a certain sex appeal. Unfortunately, for some, real uniforms will forever be a fantasy. However, the accessibility of uniforms and costumes has enabled couples to enjoy a bit of uniform fun in the comfort of their own homes.

Uniforms and dressing up has become increasingly popular in the bedroom. It allows you to fulfill your fantasies in a safe environment with someone you find attractive. There is such a range of uniforms that you can use that there is bound to be something to suit your every desire, and most people enjoy trying on uniforms to explore a bit of fun in the bedroom. Have a look around and see what kind of uniform appeals to you and your partner. If there is something you both like, then you are off to a great start!

When exploring the world of dressing up, the only preparation you need is checking that your partner has the outfit you desire to take them out of (or keep them in for a bit more fun). If they don't, there are plenty of different places you can go to buy what you are looking for. While the clothes help them to look the part, you might also want to consider getting the right accessories. An army soldier may want to apply some face-paint, ready for battle, a mischievous maid will need a feather duster to clean you up, a naughty nurse might need a stethoscope to check your heart rate, and if you are using the school girl uniform think of appropriate props to help get fully immersed in the experience. Remember, it is all part of the fun.

Uniforms is not just about what to wear and the toys you have, but it's also about how you act and speak. To really enjoy it, you must get into the role completely. That is when you have the most fun. If you are in the role of firefighter, make sure all of your attention is on the person you need to "help" and "save", and make sure the situation isn't too hot to handle. For a sexy police officer, let them slap the handcuffs on you and take you away. With an air stewardess, they may need to come and inspect the cockpit before you can take flight. There is no limit to what you can do.

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