Shared showers

Shared showers

Showers are more fun with two people. If you and your partner wish to share one, then it means you can have more fun together, even having all of your naughty fun under the hot water! You can help each other get clean before you get dirty again, and can caress your partner's body fully under the running water. It is a huge turn on for many people, so help them lather up before you get down to it.

Is the shower big enough? While the idea of a shared shower is very sexy, having to wiggle past each other in a tight space can be frustrating. Make sure the shower is big enough to give you both ample room to move and get to where you want to go. However, the best thing about this is the closeness it gives you, so you can feel your partner's hot body pressed against you.

One of the best parts about a shared shower is the washing. You and your partner can wash each other at the same time or take turns, where you can concentrate on teasing them as much as possible while scrubbing them down and making them clean. It's a great way to make sure you are both clean before you move on to other things. The cleaner you are, the dirtier you can get.

Something to try after a shared shower is towelling each other day. You can take your time with this, making sure you don't miss a single part of their body. Why not also consider moisturising each other? Body moisturisers are a fantastic excuse to rub your hands all over your partners body to tease them, but remember they can also do it back to you!

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