COB (Cum on body)

COB <span>(Cum on body)</span>

One of the most popular services offered by the escorts on our website is COB, otherwise known as 'come on body'.

This, perhaps unsurprisingly, is where the client is allowed to have his orgasm all over the escort. It has gained popularity due to it's use in the porn industry. Consequently, COB is often used in conjunction with the 'porn star experience', or 'PSE' for short.

When the man ejaculates, he can do his business on the womans breasts or on their stomach. Those who are a bit more kinky may well decide to come on the escorts feet.

Clients should be warned however, COB is not the same as coming on the escorts face or in their mouth. Those are separate services, and if the escort offers them, they will be shown on their profile. Needless to say, if you are daft enough to give an escort an unwanted facial, then your meeting will come to an unpleasant end.

Another thing to remember when engaging in COB is to keep your semen away from the woman's vagina. There is very little point in practicing safe sex and then allowing contact between your come and the woman's private parts at the very end. Remember, it only needs a small amount of fluid to exchange an STI or even worse, and unwanted pregnancy. It can't be stressed enough how careful you need to be.

COB is a lot of fun, so remember to pay special attention to any escort who offers this rather naughty service.