The oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland is St Andrews, which is also one of the third oldest in the English speaking world. This historical university has a great number of destinations close by for you to visit, and if you are eager to spend some time getting to know the University of St Andrews escorts then you will find plenty of incredible places here. Whether you are interested in history or you simply want to enjoy the company of a mature escort, you'll find everything you need at the University of St Andrews.


Close to the university campus, you will find St Andrews Castle. Now lying in ruins, the castle was a focal point for the church in medieval Scotland and is an iconic landmark to visit. You can arrange for a tour of the castle, getting the chance to see the 16th Century siege mine and learn more about it. Once you have taken a little walk around the castle, you can spend time in the visitors centre, looking at the exhibitions they have on offer and discovering more about this incredible location in the town.

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The NPH Cinema sits right next door to the university and is the perfect place to go on a unique and fun date. Here you'll find an independent cinema, first built in 1931, with a wide range of films for you to enjoy. After your date here, you might want to head to the Rascals Bar, which is a great pub serving tasty British and American food for you to enjoy. It might just make for the perfect date, and while you eat you can discuss the film you have just seen.


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