Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world. It’s strongly configured into the city's psyche as it houses historic buildings on its campus that are a part of historic Old Town. It served as a chief intellectual center during the Age of enlightenment and gave the city its nickname, the Athens of the North.

The alumni of the university are quite impressive as it covers some of the major figures of modern history. Former students have included naturalist Charles Darwin, inventor Alexander Graham Bell, authors Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, Prime ministers and Supreme Court Justices have all hailed from its accredited alumni.

At graduation ceremonies, the graduates wear a Geneva Bonnet. It’s a hat that has a bit of legend in it. Apparently the hat’s cloth comes from the breeches of John Knox or George Buchanan. While in this region, embrace campus life and the age of sexy enlightenment by booking the smart, sexy companionship of beautiful escorts.


On the George Square Campus, you can check out the Old College. Old College is the institution’s oldest existing site and it’s home to the School of Law, the Play fair Library and administrative offices. There’s a plaque here commemorating the University’s first female graduate in 1812. Her name was James Miranda Barry. (1795-1865) She lived as a man and was an army surgeon and Inspector General of Hospitals in Canada.

Check out McEwan Hall. This large circular building is the city’s premier concert venue. It becomes a Fringe venue during the Edinburgh festival. The interior‘s ceiling was designed to illustrate the various subjects offered by the University. Often referred to as ‘Hogwarts,’ the Teviot Row House boasts five bars, a debating chamber, a dining room, refectory and several meeting rooms. Feel free to go on in and check it out.

The George Square Lecture Theater is the University’s largest lecture theater. It’s used for teaching a variety of subjects and also is a venue during the Fringe, the world’s largest Arts festival that takes place each August. The Bedlam Theater was the former North Free Church built in 1846 and its theater shows over forty productions every year.

Check out George Square and you’ll be looking at the once George Watson’s Ladies’ College. Its pink stone is a give away to the gender that formerly exclusively studied here. Today its home to the studies of Psychology. Walk past the Library to get to the west side of George Square. It’s a leafy green space that’s popular with the students’ maybe it’s where private Edinburgh escorts is relaxing between classes!


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