A little over a mile long and running downhill between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace is the Royal Mile. It’s a name given to a sequence of streets forming Old Town. The streets that consist of Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street, Canongate and Abbey Strand. It’s the busiest tourist street in the Old town.

The streets are an eclectic medley of shops, pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions. It’s an incredibly charged strip of street with high residential buildings called lands and steep alleyways branching off of the main drag called closes. Several monuments like the Castle Esplanade have been noted by Historic Scotland.

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Located in the Castlehill section of the streets, the Outlook Tower and Camera Obscura is fascinating and definitely worth a visit. Its six floors have exhibits demonstrating optical illusions, aspects of light and color, puzzles, a mirror maze and a vortex tunnel. On the top floor there’s a virtual tour available and on the rooftop there are fantastic views of the city and the sky with use of Camera Obscura’s telescopes.

Gladstone’s Land is located in the Lawnmarket portion of the streets. It’s a preserved 17th century merchant’s townhouse offering a glimpse into that era’s way of life. With open fires, lack of running water as well as period furniture and decoration, one can peek into the past. The National Trust’s Gladstone Gallery is located on the second floor, it is often rented out to artists throughout the year and it’s also a venue during the Edinburgh Festival.

While you’re walking down the cobblestone streets with your private escort in Royal Mile, keep your eyes on the lookout for the Heart of Midlothian. It’s close to the Parliament House in the High Street section of the streets. It’s a heart-shaped mosaic made of colored granite and built into the pavement near the West Door of St Giles High Kirk. Interestingly enough, people spit on this heart for good luck although it’s said that it was originally done as a sign of disapproval of the former prison that was nearby.

Canongate Tolbooth is a landmark located in the Canongate section. It was built in 1591 as a tollbooth or townhouse and it has served as a courthouse, burgh jail and meeting place. Today it’s occupied by The People’s Story Museum, a specialty museum that tells the story of the people of Edinburgh from the 18th century to the present day. There are three galleries: one looks at the life in tenement houses in the 18th century, the second houses many banners telling the story of the 20th century and the final galleries depict the mid to late 20th century.

At the foot of Canongate rests the end of the streets, the section known as Abbey Strand. Here is the Holyrood Palace which is the official residence of the British Monarch. It’s served as the residence of the Kings and Queens of Scots since the 16th century!


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