The oldest part of Scotland's capital is known as Old Town. Its original medieval street plan as well as many Reformation-era buildings are still very well preserved. It's a picturesque part of Edinburgh, where the castle is perched on top of a rocky crag upon the remains of an extinct volcano and the main street runs down from it. It forms a part of the protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the 19th century New Town.

The hilltop crag was the earliest part of the city that developed, and after it was fortified it, developed into the Edinburgh Castle. The rest of the city grew up slowly, and down the tail of the land from the Castle Rock. The Royal Mile is a name that describes the main artery of the district. It runs on a downwards slope from Edinburgh Castle to both Holyrood Palace and the ruined Holyrood Abbey. Buildings that have the most tourist draw include the St. Giles Cathedral, the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland, the Old College of the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament Building.

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Check out the Edinburgh Castle and you'll be seeing Scotland's most visited paid tourist attraction. It's a historic fortress and archaeologists have found human evidence all the way from the Iron Age. Visit the castle that has seen 26 sieges in its 1100 year old history and see the 'the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world.' The National War Museum is located inside the castle and it tells the tale of this castle's many battles.

Culture vultures should fly over to the National Museum of Scotland. It houses antiquities, culture and history exhibitions and it's adjacent to the Royal Museum which has collections covering science, technology, natural history and world cultures. Here you can see the stuffed body of Dolly the Sheep, the first successful clone of a mammal from an adult cell. The best part of these two fantastic museums is their admission is free!

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Take a walk through the Regent Gardens. You'll see the Nelson Monument and you're sure to find a bit of peace in this park, a green oasis in the middle of the city. Have a seat in the grass and relax.


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