Verifying details

What is a verified nationality?

If a Nationality is verified, we can confirm that we have seen an official document from the advertiser confirming the country of their birth or residence.

What is a verified age?

If an age is verified, we can confirm that we have seen an official document from the advertiser confirming their date of birth.


How does Father Casey decide my punishment?

That depends on how naughty you have been.

What is a confession?

If you have been a naughty boy or girl you can tell us all about it. We will place these on the website and you will receive your punishment ;) This is intended to be a fun area of the site and shouldnt be taken too seriously.

Email verification

Why do I have to verify my email?

Due to the type of content on our website, it is our responsibility to ensure that only the intended recipient of our emails receives them. It would be irresponsible for us not to check email addresses are valid and unknowingly send adult content to minors.

Favourite escorts

What are my favourites?

If you come across an advertisement which you would like to save for future comparison, simply press the add to "favourites" option on the profile page. All of these advertisements will then be saved in the "favourites" option in your dashboard.


How do you decide if an escorts photos are 'verified'?

A verification image is required if an escort wishes to have the "verified" state for their images. If we believe their image is a "true likeness" we will mark the images as genuine.

My account

I have lost access to my account, what can I do now?

You can recover your password using the "recover" option in the top left of the screen where you would normally log in. Just input your email address or username and your password will be sent to your email address.


A review I submitted has not been allowed, or has gone missing, why?

There are several reasons why a review could have been removed, please view the moderators comment by choosing the "reviews" option in your dashboard and viewing the applicable review. If no comment has been made you should contact a community moderator for further information.

Finding an escort

How accurate are the locations on your maps?

Whilst the map system is a new feature and we only have an approximate location of each escort; the street locations should be considered as a guide only.

Once the new system has had time to mature, escorts will have the option of providing an exact location or still appearing in a random location (still within the same town/area) to protect their privacy.

Which filters can I use when searching?

We allow filtering by service type, advert type, the location, the escorts age, their prices and if they offer in call or outcalls. You can also chose to only see escorts who accept user reviews or who have verified their images with our customer service team.

What types of service do you advertise here?

On our homepage you will find 3 main types of service advertised, they are all very different. You will find Escorts, Massueses and also Domination services.

Why is a Massage advertisment different from an escort service?

Although other advertisers can list massage as a service they offer, these advertisers specialise in it. With many kinds of massages on offer, this could be the relaxing experience you are looking for.

Why is a Domination advertisment different from an escort service?

The role of Dominatrix is a very specific one and the service offered is very different to that offered by an escort or massage provider. Domination isnt something you want to stumble upon by accident.

What are 'Latest Escorts'?

Our latest escorts sections are filled with the newest escorts in each area and country. On our homepage, for example, the advertisers at the top are most recent ones to activate their advertisement.

How does 'Nearby Escorts' Work?

In order for Nearby Escorts to work correctly you must give permission for the browser to access your 'geolocation'. Your browser passes this information into our search and reveals the escorts closes to where you are right now.

What is 'Premium Escorts'?

Shhhhhhhh, this is a secret.

What is 'Arriving Today'?

In each location you can select to see any advertiser that has arrived on that day. This mean you can book a meeting with your escort as soon as he or she arrives.

What is the 'Coming Soon' Section?

Coming soon will allow you to plan ahead and see who is coming to town over the next few days. So if you are planning a special day, you can see who's coming.


What are Blogs?

Our blogs are the news and views that we feel are relevant to the adult industry and also the country in which we are in. You will find everything from serious news to sex tips, there's something for everyone and it is updated regularly.

Can I comment on your blog posts?

Yes, you can leave a comment or a reply to all posts in our blog section.

Get in touch

How can I contact your website?

To get in touch with us please go to our contact page, you can email us or call us from there.

Adult services

Do you have any information on Fetish Clubs?

You can find a detailed list of local Fetish Clubs in our 'Other' section. If you wish to advertise your business here you can also contact us.

Do you have any information on Gentlemens / Strip / Lapdancing Clubs?

We provide a list of local 'Gentlemens / Strip / Lapdancing' clubs in our 'Other' section.

Do you have any information on Sex Shopping?

We provide a list of adult stores on our site. You can also visit if you want to shop from the comfort of your chair.

Do you have any information on Swinging and Dogging? is an example of a dedicated swinging website, however we do also list many other local websites in this area.

Available Now

What is the Available Now feature?

The Available Now feature is designed for advertisers to inform punters they are available for immediate booking. The feature is activated by the advertiser and has a maximum duration of 60 minutes per activation.

Why is there a time indicated?

The indicated time is the time the escort mentioned is available.

Does it mean the other escorts listed are not available?

No, all escorts on our website are available to meet you for a booking. Please check the escort profiles for their working hours.

If this FAQ is not helpful, feel free to ask us a question directly

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