Scotland is a wonderful and fantastic country to spend some of your leisure time in, due to the fact that is filled with thriving cities, beautiful greenery and interesting history. A lot of tourists and travellers would vacate to big districts like Edinburgh or Glasgow, but you can go somewhere that is completely different and exciting like Linlithgow.

Settled in the West Lothian council, the royal burgh is also known as the region’s county town where it’s located close to some of West Lothian’s most prolific landmarks: the Linlithgow Palace, the Linlithgow Loch and the Union Canal. If you already have the intention of seeing those attractions, you mustn't forget to see if a gorgeous escort would be available to keep you company in the royal burgh. Why? Well, a lovely Scottish woman would definitely make your time in the district pleasurable and memorable if you manage to arrange a special encounter with her!


Located south of the town are both the iconic palace and loch. The palace has been standing in the district for more than 900 years, which was constructed to be a military base for securing the supply routes between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. Nowadays, you wouldn’t find any military supplies in the manor, just a range of artefacts and exhibitions that any history fan would love to go and see.

For those who would rather go outside and do something active than learn about the history of the district, you’d always have the chance to go fishing or sailing at the Loch. Many locals would tell you that it’s the perfect place for people who love to spend a few hours in the sun and catch a school of fish.

In addition, the Union Canal provides walkers and joggers with the perfect path to run around the district. If you feel like setting up a challenge with an active, gorgeous escort in Linlithgow, you can have a friendly race with her where you can try to reach either Falkirk or Edinburgh within the shortest time possible!

After your run, you can enjoy a pleasurable night with a courtesan that could give you a relaxing massage or an intense BDSM session at one of the district’s most reputable hotels, the West Port Hotel. You can be sure that a night with an exclusive woman in the royal burgh will be an experience that you'll never forget!


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