If you’re a budding traveller that wants to discover Northern Europe, or a local person that likes to wander around his hometown, you can be sure that you would always have a good time in Scotland. Why? Because you’d always be surrounded by fantastic regions that are filled with the relaxation and excitement that you would be looking for in your leisure time.

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If you’re someone that enjoys meeting new people, then you should listen up. The annual Scarecrow Festival is held every autumn to celebrate the spirit of the public amongst its residents, community groups and businesses, alongside the well-being and the economy of the district. You would definitely be able to find a group of gorgeous women that would tell you more about the history and importance of the festival.

For those who also have an interest in sports, the Bothwell Castle Golf Club has been present in the area since 1923 and is still active for players to grab their sports gear and practice their golfing skills on the fields. A young courtesan may spot you on the golf course and want to tender to your aching muscles by giving you a nice, soothing massage after your game.

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