If you think that Kelso would be a boring place for you to visit in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland, think again. Not only is the market town packed full of beautiful architecture and greenery, but it's also the home of the magnificent Kelso Racecourse.

At the racecourse, you can do a series of activities that can entertain you throughout the whole day. Whether you want to watch the horses race, host a lively party or spend time with a gorgeous escort, the racecourse can provide you with everything that you need to make you feel relaxed!


The misconception that a lot of people have about racecourses is that they only host games for people to go and observe; that is certainly not the case with the Kelso Racecourse.

The vicinity hosts a range of events that cater to people in the district that have different kinds of interests. In addition, you can arrange private parties at the racecourse, so if you want to set up a birthday party for your best friend, the vicinity can provide you with the perfect space for your lively event.

Speaking of parties, if you need food venues that would able to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst, you wouldn’t have to look outside of the racecourse. Restaurants like the ‘Tweedie Stand’ and ‘Rosie’s Bistro’ are considered to be an idyllic place for you to set up a gathering with all of your friends, where you can also invite a range of elite escorts to keep you company at the Kelso racecourse.

So, if you still think that the vicinity is just like any racecourse that you could visit in Scotland, then all of the gorgeous courtesans visit the area would make you change your mind!


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