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Airdrie Escorts

Airdrie is a town in North Lanarkshire. As the towns and villages in the surrounding area have expanded, Airdrie has found itself to be part of an urban setting and now boasts a population just over 55,000. Over time it has change rapidly to become a more welcoming town and has worked hard to ensure there are plenty of things to see and do in the area. Why not call one of the Airdrie escorts to see what exciting things you can do?

All About Airdrie

There is evidence to suggest that Airdrie dates back to the Battle of Arderyth, AD 577, although there is some ambiguity regarding the actual location and reasons behind the battle, however it is commonly believed that the battle was between Gododdin, King of Strathclyde, Rydderych the Bountiful and the Scoti King of Kintyre, Aeddam The Perfidious. Unfortunately, records of this event are very scarce so this event is very much surrounding in myth.

After the Great War, Airdrie suffered times of hardship due to its many casualties of war and then followed the great depression in the 1930s, to which at this point half the population was left unemployed. Fortunately at the end of the 1940s, new companies such as Boots Pharmaceuticals and Banner Textiles Ltd. had been established in the town, creating many jobs for the townsfolk. Today, Airdrie has much improved with an array of shops to boost economy and organisations such as the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society and the Airdrie Astronomical Society, and Airdrie is home to the famous Wallace Stone, the stone that (according to legend) William Wallace used to sharpen his stone on his journey to the Battle of Falkirk.

Given the town's rich history it would be a shame to miss out on exploring it. On the outskirts of Airdrie you can find the AA Battery Drumbowie, which is a World War II anti-aircraft battery. In the lead up to the Cold War the battery was converted and is one of only a few remaining that was. You can visit it now and learn a little more about its history with one of the escorts in Airdrie

If you'd rather spend a little time watching the sky then the Airdrie Public Observatory is a fantastic place to visit. It is one of four observatories in the UK that is open to the public, and so gives people a really unique opportunity to see the stars above them in a different way. Packing a picnic can make it a really romantic date - ideal for those wanting to try something new with an Airdrie escort.

There is no shortage of beautiful sights to see in the area, with the woodland of Rawyards giving you the chance to watch for wildlife and take in the town of Airdrie from a different angle. You can even find the sculpture 'Skytower' by Scotland's own Rob Mulholland in the area, which is a truly stunning sight. Head along with an escort in Airdrie and see which part of the Rawyards is the most beautiful place to be.

Getting to Know the Airdrie Escorts 

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