It is a universal fact that no one can deny themselves a holiday by the sea, which is why a lot of tourists and travellers enjoy going to the North Ayrshire council area during their annual leave. The region is filled with a variety of towns and villages that can make any man feel like they’re in paradise.

However, if there is one town in the region that every Scottish person would tell you to go and visit, it would be Stevenson. Why? Well, it’s located by the sea, of course! Other than that, there are many outdoor activities that are settled in the district, along with a range of independent escorts that can give you the time and companionship that you desire!


Stevenston is a town where people go to unwind; it isn’t a place that is filled with heavy traffic, hectic crowds and massive skyscrapers. The district is the home of the Miniature Golf course, where you can have a friendly match with a lovely companion and gaze at the natural scenery as you wait for your turn! In addition, the Sandylands Holiday Park is settled in the area for people to relax and have fun in, whenever they need a break from work or their domestic life.

Don’t start thinking that those are the only activities that you can do, though. The Champion Shell Inn is one of the best venues that you can go to for a hot meal, a cold drink and an exciting date with a gorgeous Stevenson escort.

After spending some time at the inn, you and your chosen courtesan can share a night of passion at the ‘Red Squirrel’ hotel, where the rooms are spacious and luxurious enough for you to enjoy a relaxing massage or a kinky BDSM session. Wherever you go and whatever you do in the district, you can always enhance your experience there by having one of the town’s private ladies by your side!


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