If you’re planning on visiting the North Ayrshire council area in your time off work, then you would be going to a beautiful and wonderful region in Scotland. The large area has an abundance of towns and villages that are able to make any traveller feel relaxed.

Now, there are many districts in North Ayrshire that can give you the peace that you want, but there aren't any other towns in the area like Kilwinning. Also established as a civil parish, the town is well known for its wonderful architecture, its luscious country parks and, of course, the Eglinton Castle. However, you must also know that the town is renowned for its abundance of hot, independent escorts that know how to give any man the time of his life!


Speaking of the Eglinton Castle, many tourists and travellers visit the old monument for its history and heritage. The castle was once the seat of the Earls of Eglinton, which has been standing in the district for over 200 years. Unfortunately, the castle is now classed as a ruin, but that hasn’t stopped the people from seeing and admiring the monument’s gothic design.

Right next to the ruin is the famous Eglinton Country Park; a green space where both plant life and wildlife thrive. The park is considered to be a lovely place to have a date with a gorgeous companion in, but it’s not the only area where you and a pretty lady could have an encounter in.

The ‘Taylors’ restaurant is the food venue where a lot of local people enjoy going to. Alongside its delicious food and cool beverages, the restaurant also hosts live TV sport and weekend DJs, for any Kilwinning escort that wants to let her hair down. If you manage to impress a courtesan at the venue, she might reward you with a relaxing massage or a hot session in domination; you’ll never know unless you go to the town on your next holiday!


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