If you're planning to visit the Garnock Valley in the North Ayrshire council area of Scotland, then you would be going to a magnificent place that’s settled in a wonderful country in Northern Europe. Why? Because you would get the chance to see some of the most exquisite towns that are located in the Valley; towns like Kilbirnie.

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Speaking of landmarks, the Glengarnock Castle and the Ladyland Castle attract many Scottish natives and foreign travellers that want to gaze at their ruins as well as the gorgeous landscape of the district. You will become the envy of your friends if you manage to take photos of you and a lovely companion together at the top of the hill!

If you enjoy being outside but close to the town, you have nothing to worry about. The KPGC park is open to anyone that wants to practice their golf skills so they can impress a pretty courtesan on the course. Don’t worry if you’d pull a muscle; she would make you feel better with her massage skills!

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