Not everyone would enjoy spending their leisure time in a major city that would be filled with lots of buildings, crowds and traffic. Some people would like to travel to a place where they would be able to unwind in peace and tranquillity; a place like Beith.

Settled in the Garnock Valley in North Ayrshire, the small town is considered to be the perfect place for guys to go on a simple stroll around the green parks, enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a small café and revel in the companionship of a beautiful escort.


If you’re someone that enjoys nothing more than to sit in a cosy café and drink a hot cup of coffee in your spare time, then the district is the right place for you to settle down in. You can visit the ‘Café Bar’ and have a pleasant conversation with a pretty companion that shares the same interests as you do.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a lovely date at a restaurant rather than a coffee, you would be spoiled for choice in the town. The ‘Beith Palace’, the ‘Merchants Yarn’ and the ‘Rajas Tandoori & Chippy’ can provide you with a plentiful amount of delicious food that’s accompanied by friendly customer services.

Then again, no man can deny themselves a cold pint of beer at a lively pub. The ‘Eglinton Inn’, the ‘Masonic Jack’ and the ‘Smuggler’s Tavern’ are the town’s most popular pubs where many gorgeous Beith escorts enjoy having a drink in. You may get lucky and encounter one of the lovely courtesans at one of the pubs; she may even be a charming masseuse or a hot dominatrix that could give you a night of excitement and passion!


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