Many people like to spend their vacation time in major regions like Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeenshire. There’s nothing wrong in having your holiday in a popular area in Scotland, but why don’t you go somewhere else that's different and exciting, like the North Ayrshire council area?

The region is filled with so many amazing towns and districts that can give you the peace and relaxation that you’re looking for. However, there aren't many towns in North Ayrshire like Ardrossan. The district is packed full of attractions, activities and alluring escorts that can give you the time and companionship that you desire!


If there is one place that you have to visit when you first arrive in the town, it would be the Ardrossan Marina. Settled next to the harbour, the marina is open to anyone that enjoys putting on their lifejacket and going sailing along the coast of the district. You can simply rent a boat from a marina and ask a gorgeous lady to accompany you to make your boat trip twice as fun!

After enjoying your time at the marina, it’s recommended that you’d replenish your energy for any activity that you might do in the evening. Therefore, you should book a table for two at Cecchini’s Restaurant & Bar; a beautiful food venue where you can savour some succulent food, gaze at the view of the North Bay and have a pleasant conversation with a lovely companion.

It’s common for many visitors that have fallen in love with the town to try and spend as much time as they could there, which is why one of the best hotels that you should stay in during your vacation time is the Lauriston Hotel. The venue provides massive deluxe rooms that are suitable for having a private massage, a domination encounter or a night of pleasure with an exclusive Ardrossan escort in.

After learning about all of the exciting things that you could do in the town, could you really think of a better place to discover and explore in Scotland?


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