The area of Moray resides in the north-east of the country and its coastline is on the Moray Firth. It borders the areas of Aberdeenshire and Highland. Experts estimate that around 130 bottle nose dolphins live in the vicinity and it's one of the best places in Europe to see these special creatures!

The coastline of the area has a wealth of wildlife watching opportunities. See wildfowl, waders, otters, ospreys and seabirds! Take notice of a rare oyster plant that grows here! It adds a colorful splash of colour to the beach. On the southern shore of the firth is the largest sand dune system in Britain. Embrace the Scottish heritage, culture and spirit when you book an elite discreet courtesan in the district!

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Learn more about the local and social history of this city at the Falconer Museum. Located on Tolbooth Street, this specialty museum focuses on local history, social history, fossils, geology and archeology. They have a bunch of temporary exhibits that change regularly and they also preserve the archives and fossils of Hugh Falconer.

Take a peek into the life and times of the town and surrounding areas at the Nairn Museum. Located on View field Drive, this specialty museum provides a wide range of permanent displays on display in a number of themed rooms within the Viewfield House.

If you're looking for a great course to play a spectacular game of golf then choose between Forres Golf Course and Nairn Dunbar Golf Course. Take your best shot on either one of these two terrific courses and enjoy the day! Afterwards, enjoy a lovely meal and cocktail at the clubhouse. Revel in the finer things in life and indulge your senses with a sensual massage from a Moray escort!

Take a tour at Glenfiddich Distillery. It's located quite near the Balvenie Distillery and the 13th century Balvenie Castle. Tour these legendary distilleries and go from mash to still house to the tasting room! Check out the ruins of the Balvenie Castle while you're in the area and revel in a truly epic day!

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