The town and Royal burgh of Inverkeithing is located in the council area of Fife and it resides on the coast of the Firth of Forth. This port town was given its burgh status by King David I of Scotland in the 12th century. It's located 15 kilometres north of the Edinburgh Airport and 6.4 kilometres from the centre of Dunfermline. The town's name Inbhir C├ęitein is of Scottish Gaelic origins. Inbhir means 'confluence, inflow' thus the name's translation literally means 'mouth of the Keithing/Ceitein.'

This town is essentially a developing town with many new housing sites. The settlement is almost continuous with its neighbors Rosyth and Dalgety Bay. The heart of this medieval town is located around the High Street and Church Street. On High Street is the Hospitium of the Grey Friars, it's the best surviving example of a friary building in the whole of Scotland. See all there is to see in this spectacular seaside town and add a sexy dose of kinky companionship with independent escorts!

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Pay a visit to the district's Library and Heritage Centre located on 10 Queen Street. Check out the website to see what events are currently showing at this venue. Use the library's computers to access the Internet and browse through the l profiles to see all the beauties of the land. Go ahead and book a sensual massage from an escort in Inverkeithing and experience a piece of heaven that's available right here on earth with her erotic touch.

Enjoy the tasty Scottish delicacy of fish and chips at Cadora Cafe located at 2-4 Townhall Street. This fantastic takeaway is located right next to the sea shore so you know, that tasty fish is fresh!

Book your stay at the Boredland Lodge Hotel and enjoy unfussy rooms, free Wi-Fi and a hot breakfast. There's a laid back lounge and bar located on site with outside patio seating available. It's located a hop, skip and a jump across the street from the Inverkeithing Bowling club. This club meets at the Elgin Park, so rock and roll over to the park and watch a game.

Have a neat whiskey at the Burgh Arms located on 16-22 High Street. It's considered to be the best pub in town thanks to its friendly atmosphere, its upbeat staff and its central location. Have a pint of your favorite ale on draft or stick to the spirit of the land, whiskey! And fantasize about your hot date with a saucy seductress.


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