The town of Buckhaven resides on the east coast of Scotland in the council area of Fife on the Firth of Forth. Its name is probably from the Scots. The term buck or bukk means “to gush out” while haven means “harbour.” This town is located within the popular Fife Coastal Path, a long distance Scottish footpath that runs for 190 kilometres. Walk a stretch of its trail and see the lay of the land.

This fishing community is said to be the direct descendants of Norsemen who settled here in the 9th century. Fishing eventually declined, after which the town evolved into a mining town. Today it's a Fife coast holiday resort and recreation area for locals.

In 1869, fisher folk brought an Episcopal Church to town stone by stone using their fishing boats. Go pay a visit to the Buckhaven Museum while you're here and investigate this town's fishing history and then be sure to make some sexy history with gorgeous women.

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Go have a stiff whiskey at Burts Bar located at 44 Randolph Street. It has a brilliant atmosphere with terrific staff, delightful ales on tap and it's just a moments walk to the seashore. Chat up the locals and sip on some strong Scottish spirit then smile because it's all happening!

Check out The Auld House located at 21 West High Street. It's a classic Scottish pub with a small dining room. The kitchen knows how to make an excellent burger so order yourself one with a pint!

Looking for some sensational Asian takeaway? Then head on over to Happy House Takeaway located at 677 Wellesley Road. Order your favorite dish and then take it down to the water and enjoy a picnic.

Take a walk in Toll Park and stretch your legs and your horizons. Consider all the things you could do to better enjoy yourself while you're in town. When you book a massage, you're sure to enjoy the delightful touch of an escort in Buckhaven.

For a culinary classic, eat at Ali's Fish Bar located on Sandwell Street. This Scottish delicacy is a first rate take away so stop smacking your lips together reading this and get on over there to try their delicious fish and chips. The staff here sure do know how to take fresh fish and batter it to a golden, crispy perfection.


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