When you’ve booked a couple of days off work to go and do your favourite hobbies, you’d want to make your annual leave unforgettable. Sometimes, what makes a holiday worth remembering is going to a different place that’s far away from your hometown; a place where it’s quiet but peaceful enough for you to relax in.

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Another thing that both visitors and locals love about the town is that it’s a small area where you can loosen up and unwind in peace; it’s considered to be the ultimate haven for people who’ve been working in a big city for a long time. If you enjoy spending your time outdoors, a good place for you to go to would be the Herbertshire Castle Park, where you can stroll around the greenery for hours on end. Another hobby that visitors and locals love to do is walking along the banks of the River Carron, where many active girls enjoy putting on their trainers and go out for a lively jog while admiring the view of the watercourse.

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